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Learning Centre


epayWe offer innovative online payment solutions to our clients to minimize riskof making payment and transfering funds for schooling abroad, payments for professional exam or shopping online and more.

We are committed to bringing our expertise to our clients and improve the performance of our online payment solutions

We look for adapted online payment solutions to give our clients the best prices.



pc3V PC Sales and Services... your one-stop shop for laptop computers, desktop computers, notebook computers, computer accessories, network infrastructure, computer reviews & computer deals. Think of buying or building a pc or upgrading your ram, hard disk, operating system or graphics card, with advisor you will get best advise on what to buy and how to install them.


gis Do you want to grow business and increase your profit? If YES, then you need an accurate map of your sales territory and areas of business activities. With detailed and accurate map of Lagos and other states in Nigeria, you can plan your sales and marketing strategy, study your customer's distribution and plan your expansion locations.



3vlearningcentre 3V Learning Centre is a learning institute where we provide learning environment and facilities for certification exams like ACCA, CISA, CFA, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT and others. We invite to come and experience learning made easy. Learn from anywhere and at anytime with eClasses, live classes, classroom, distance learning and many more.