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What is CIMA?

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What is CIMA Professional Development?


The systematic maintenance, enhancement and continuous improvement of the knowledge, skills and ability, often termed ‘competence’, that is expected of a Chartered Management Accountant.


Why is it important?


New concepts of career, changes in the employment relationship and increasing expectations on professionals all call on CIMA members to maintain and develop their skills and knowledge. As a result, this places an emphasis on the ability to adapt to sometimes radical new demands and practices. A key outcome of CIMA Professional Development (CPD) is that members are better able to secure and enhance their employability.


The focus of CIMA Professional Development


CIMA Professional Development has a dual focus:


  • the quality of ongoing performance in a chosen role, whatever that role may be
  • the forward-looking career development of each individual member.


CPD should address the following areas dependent on each individual’s role:


  • technical skills
  • knowledge and awareness of changes in the regulatory, statutory and business environment applicable to that member’s role
  • Business, management and interpersonal skills.


How CIMA supports members


CIMA has developed the CIMA Professional Development Framework, which addresses both the requirements on members and the institute regarding CPD, and the ways in which CIMA is supporting members in their professional development.


In this Professional Development section you can find a range of information and resources to support you in your development, much of it free to members.


Who benefits from CPD?


The Individual

The employer


Robust framework for professional development

Recruitment and retention of quality employees

Public confidence that the profession is maintaining high standards of practice

Enhanced CV/portfolio

Maintains level of quality assurance

Demonstrates and promotes the values associated with lifelong learning

Improved employability

Evidence towards staff development


Improved quality of work and client satisfaction

Can help satisfy external validating bodies


Better able to take advantage of change


Powerful tool in lifelong learning



Key Dates



May Exams

November Exams

Registration deadline

31 January

31 July

Exam entry deadline

14 March

14 September

Exam dates

20-22 May

18-20 November

Results dates






Fee list 2011


Registered Students



First subscription free


Annual Subscription







Exemption Fees

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

GBP45 per subject

Operational and Managerial Level

GBP75 per subject

Strategic Level

GBP81 per subject




CIMA Exam Fees 2011

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

GBP45 per subject assessment. Please note that CBA centres may charge administration fees in addition to the standard fee.

Managerial Level


Strategic Level




T4 on PC


Additional Late Entry Fee


Very Late entry fee


Change of exam paper/centre


Late change of exam paper/centre


Very late change of exam paper/centre


Exam non payment admin fees


Script review


Duplicate certificate





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